"I have been tetraplegic for almost 15 years, and bedridden for 10. I do not allow myself to get bored..."

There has been struggle and hope for many years in my life, since I got sick when I was young: I was 35 years old. I have had Multiple Sclerosis since 1987. I was married, with 3 children. Attorney licensed in 1994, although I never practiced. I have a great family and great friends who are very close to me, accompanying, motivating, calling and helping. They are the ones who really give me strength to fight back life..."

"Having a baby is as simple as f***ing. Creating a blog as well. Maintaining it, taking care of it, and enjoying it is something else altogether"

PerspectivaConica.com is a creative blog and a very personal one in that the important thing is to see something different where no one else would suspect it. You will find alternative content in the form of articles, short stories, videos and moments of visual pleasure. If you are not mainstream, you will stay here, like the thousands of followers on facebook